The Latest Edition of Packaging


Ever since I started running Kuma I wanted our packaging to be as straightforward as possible, represent the coffee inside it, be hardworking and well crafted, not flashy or districting.

This is the latest iteration of that goal.

We used to hand stamp all our bags, it was so much hard work. Some loved it, some thought it looked janky. We figured what does the package matter when the coffee inside was so high quality? Some quality focused cafes around the country agreed, putting cup quality first, tasting our coffees blind and many times finding they outscored nationally recognized brands. Not bragging that actually happens pretty often.

The package needed to be more sustainable and producible. Our last version was closer to that vision, this new version solves it. Biotre biodegradable material, rough paper finish, colors to represent the coffees. All the origin and flavor notes on the bags haven’t changed since day 1 of Kuma. That part stays.

Big thank you to Henry at States of Matter for the years of talking through big concepts, what it is we are trying to be out here in the world.

TLDR, new bag, hopefully it works good for everybody.

Thank you to every person that has bought our coffees over these many years, regardless of the bag it came in. We are a 4 person company out here doing big things.

-Peter Mark Ingalls and the Kuma team

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