Hand drawn illustration of bear paw pouring water form a kettle into chemex
illustrations by Miah Brown 

This is a tried and true brew device loved by home and professional baristas alike.

Chemex brews yields clean cups of vibrant coffee with balanced notes.
For those who enjoy vibrant coffees, Chemex is a great choice,
it maintains acidity in a cup without enhancing bitterness. 

Kuma Coffee of Choice

We particularly enjoy Ethiopian coffees brewed this way.
The resulting brew is delicate and clean without overpowering acidity. 

Tools You'll Need

- Filters
- Kettle
- Scale
- Medium/coarse ground coffee


(Chemex comes in multiple sizes, this recipe works best for larger sizes, 8-10)

1. Heat water to 205 degrees F (just off rolling boil)

2. Open Chemex filter and place in brewer so that the thick portion is over the spout with the single fold on the opposite side

 Pre-brew your filter to heat your vessel and remove any particles or paper taste from the manufacturing process,
pour out the water by pulling back the filter at the spout

 Add 42g of coffee and tap the Chemex so the grounds are even

5. Add 100g of water and allow to bloom for about :45 seconds, or until bubbles stop forming, but no longer than 1:00 minute

Add the remaining 600g of water, pouring in a circular or spiral motion, making sure not to fill Chemex to the top with water
(leave about a ½ inch of room), to reach 700g

 If you need to pause to allow some water to drip through, that is okay!
Just do not let the grounds dry out during the brewing process.

 Brew time should complete around 4 to 4:30 minutes
9. Enjoy the brew!

Tips and Tweaks

  •  Chemex is great for experimentation and creating a profile that best fits personal preference. 
  • For brewing in a Chemex, we recommend a 1:16 ratio such as:
30g coffee: 500g water
36g coffee: 600g water
42g coffee: 700g water

  • If you prefer a cup of coffee with less strength, try a 1:18 brew ratio such as: 36g coffee: 650g water
  • If you prefer a cup of coffee with more strength, try a 1:14 brew ratio such as: 36g coffee: 500g water

  • Not only can the ratio of coffee to water be manipulated however you like,
    by stirring during the brewing process or changing the way you pour (speed, flow, pattern), you can change the way the coffee extracts.