Iced Coffee

Hand drawn illustration of a brown bear watching coffee percolate through a cold brew brewing device
 illustrations by Jeremiah Brown 

Recommended Coffee

This blend consists of Central American and African coffees to introduce the flavors that stand out in a beautiful iced drink.
Look for notes of chocolate, berries, grape, floral notes, and intense sweetness.

Cold Brew

Cold brew is the summer favorite! It’s low maintenance, high caffeine way of making iced coffee.
You are making a coffee concentrate so be sure to cut this with water before drinking.
We recommend a 1:1 ratio of concentrate to water. We all have a different tolerance so start low.

Tools You’ll Need

-Toddy vessel, bucket, or pot
-Fine strainer or nut bag
-12 oz bag of very coarsely ground coffee
-Filtered water


1. Measure out 7 cups of water and pour it into a vessel of choice.

2. Fill the fine mesh bag with a 12oz coarsely ground coffee and submerge in water. 

3. Leave submerged on the counter for at least 12hrs but can sit for up to 24hrs.

4. After the desired brew time, pull the bag or strain the liquid making sure no grounds are left in it.

5. Refrigerate for up to 2 weeks. 

6. Cut concentrate in half with water when served 

Flash Cold Coffee

This is an iced coffee recipe that allows more delicate features of the coffee and
a lot less caffeine compared to cold brew. Dilution is included in the recipe.

Tools You’ll Need:

- Kettle
- Dripper
- Filters
- Decanter
- Medium/fine ground coffee
- Ice


40g of coffee: 400g of water
200g of ice

1. When the water is at boil, wet the filter. Be sure to empty water from decanter.

2. Add coffee to filter leaving a flat bed

3. Tare everything to zero

4. First pour to 80g and let bloom

5. At :30seconds pour to 160g in circular motion

6. After 1:00 pour to 240g keeping the motion steady

7. Again, at 1:30 pour to 320g.

8. At last at 2:00 pour to 400g.

9. After coffee has finished dripping add 200g of ice to decanter.

10. Whirl it around and serve!

Weighing and scooping Sun Bear Blend roasted by Kuma Coffee into a mason jar to make cold brew     pouring finished cold brew coffee from Kuma Coffee Sun Bear iced coffee blend