French Press

Hand drawn illustration of a bear paw reaching for coffee brewed in a french press

illustrations by Jeremiah Brown 

French Press is a great way to make a lot of coffee at once very easily.
Most kitchens at least have a french press... some of us even use one when camping.

Kuma Coffee of Choice 

We suggest something balanced and sweet. 
Our Central and South American coffees
will provide just that.

Tools You’ll Need

- Coarsely ground coffee
- Scale
- Spoon
- Kettle


1. Place your 4-cup french press onto a scale and tare it to zero. 

2. Weigh out coarsely ground coffee to 38g.

3. Start the timer and pour hot water to 100g.

4. Wait till 1:00 minute and stir.

5. Pour to 600g and place plunger just over the grounds.

6. Plunge gently at 4:00 minutes.

7. Voila, delicious coffee

Brew Ratio’s for Other Sizes:

3 cup french press use 22g of coffee: 350g of water

8 cup french press use 53g of coffee:  850g of water

12 cup french press use 88g of coffee: 1,400g of water

   French Press filled with water and coffee brewing    woman plunging a french press to complete the brewing process