Automatic Brewer

Hand drawn illustration of automatic coffee brewer complete with hot water heater, cone brewer and carafe
illustrations by Jeremiah Brown    
This is a magical device that makes coffee for you.
A lot of people prefer this method for consistency. 

Kuma Coffee of Choice

Fresh Crop Bright Blend will be floral and fruit forward with lovely bright tones.
Fresh Crop Balanced will provide sweet chocolate tones with stone fruit acidity. 


1. For most Autobrewers 5oz=1 cup
2. Use a medium/fine ground Kuma Coffee of choice.
3. 8g of coffee per cup. Add 2-4g of coffee to increase strength or depth.
For 3, 5 oz cups of water: 24g of coffee.

Brew Tips and Tweaks

  • Rinse and clean your brewing decanter after every use. This will ensure a clean cup! 
  • Before brewing, make sure to knock the brew bed flat for even extraction.