Aeropress Recipe

Hand drawn illustration of aeropress on top of red bear mug from Kuma Coffee

                                                                        illustrations by Miah Brown 

The Aeropress is perfect if you like to get as much sweetness out of your coffee as possible, 
and you enjoy a heavier body and mouthfeel. 

Although originally designed to replicate from an espresso maker, the Aeropress can make delicious brews too! Here's how to make an aeropress:

Kuma Coffee of Choice

The Aeropress lends well to the coffee of any origin, however,
we tend to prefer Central or South American Coffees,
something that lends well to a heavier body. 
Colombian coffees are our favorite in the Aeropress as the wide range of fruity and chocolate notes can be highlighted.

Tools You'll Need 

- Filter
- Scale
- Kettle
- Medium/fine ground coffee

The Recipe

1. Heat 300g of water to 205 degrees F 

2. Grind 20g of coffee of your choice to a medium/fine particle size

3. Make sure your Aeropress is fitted with a filter and place it over your vessel/cup

4. Add ground coffee to Aeropress

5. Add 100g of water and let it bloom for :30 seconds

6. Stir coffee

7. Add an additional 200g of water, to the top or nearly to the top of the chamber,
while stirring

8. Place the plunger over Aeropress to allow coffee to steep for 1:00 minute

9. Once total brew time has reached 1:45 to 2:00 minutes,
remove the plunger, stir grounds, replace plunger and push down until empty. 

10. Enjoy! 

Hand drawn illustration of a bear paw pushing the plunger of an aeropress to brew coffee into a Kuma Coffee red bear coffee mug 

Brew Tips and Tweaks

  • I like to use two paper filters when brewing an Aeropress as it creates a cleaner cup of coffee with a lighter body. Filters can even be rinsed and reused.
  • There should be some pressure but if you are having trouble plunging,
    your grind size may be too fine.