Pour Over

Hand drawn illustration of bear paw brewing Kuma Coffee in a pour over
 illustrations by Jeremiah Brown 

This is a method in which you pour hot water over coffee manually with a kettle.
Sometimes it is better known as a V60, Beehouse, or Kalita. 

Kuma Coffee of Choice 

Any coffee offering from our current menu is great for manual brewing. 
Pick your favorite origin or maybe try something new!

Tools You'll Need:

- Filters
- Kettle
- Scale
- Medium/fine ground coffee


1. Pre-rinse filter with hot water and empty water from the decanter to prevent paper taste in coffee.
2. After rinsing, place the decanter with a dripper on a scale tared to zero.

3. Weigh out 25g of coffee of choice. Tapping the side of the dripper to leave the bed flat.

4. Start the timer and using a kettle, pour in the center of the bed moving out in a circular motion to 50g.

Place kettle back on the burner after each pour to keep the temperature close to boiling 

6. After :30seconds, pour again to 140g. Keeping the same circular motion. 

7. At 1:00 minute, Pour again to 210g making sure to keep the stream slow.

8. After 1:30 minutes, pour again to 320g.

9. At 2:00 minutes, Pour for the last time to 400g.

10. Wait for the coffee to finish dripping. With luck, the coffee should be finishing between 3:00-3:30 minutes.

Brew Ratios Worked Out

Brewing with a 1:15 ratio 
25g of coffee: 375g of water
30g of coffee: 450g of water

Brewing a with a 1:16 ratio
25g of coffee: 400g of water
30g of coffee:480g of water 

Brewing with a 1:17 ratio
25g of coffee: 425g of water
30g of coffee: 510g of water

Brew Tips and Tweaks

  • Your finished brew time is dependent on the coffee and what you think tastes best.
    Some coffee needs a longer extraction time and some coffees need less.
    We like to shoot for 3:00-3:30 as a good starting point. 
  • If coffee isn't finished dripping after the expected time, coarsen the grind setting. 
    If the coffee finished dripping too quickly, adjust the grind setting finer. 
  • Choose a large enough vessel to brew into or you might encounter some overflow!


Birds eye view of a pour over being brewed in a kalita dripper with a gooseneck kettleBrewing coffee in a kalita dripper on a scale with a gooseneck kettle   

Woman enjoying the aroma of freshly brewed Kuma Coffee in a Kalita brewer