How to Brew

Welcome to the Brewing Methods Guide!

Hand drawn illustration of mug full of coffee next to coffee ring left by the mug
Coffee is a wonderful beverage that can be enjoyed in many ways.
Whether you are just beginning your journey or you’re a seasoned vet,
I hope Kuma Coffee can be the co-pilot in your coffee experience!
Here you will find recipes we use and love. Along with key phrases and tools to help empower you in this process. 

Kylie (accounts), Zoe (the roaster), and the Kuma team.

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What is a “brewing method” you may ask?

It is the way in which you make your coffee. Some people prefer to brew with an Aeropress, others brew with an Auto-brewer, and some people just need an espresso. 

What is a brew ratio?

A brew ratio is the amount of coffee to water. 
The smaller the ratio the stronger the cup. 
Ex. 10g of coffee with a finishing weight with water of 150g. The brew ratio is 1:15
For espresso, we aim for 1:2 - 1:3
Ex. 20g of coffee with a finishing weight with water of 40g. The brew ratio is 1:2

Dialing in 

This is a term used by Baristas and coffee professionals alike to discuss their process of adjustments on the dial of a coffee grinder.
It is the window of extraction where the barista thinks the coffee tastes best.
Usually, this consists of a recipe with an IN weight of coffee, OUT weight with total water, and a time.

Tasting coffee

Your palate is the best tool to use when dialing in coffee. Taste is subjective, so in theory,
there is no wrong answer but what you are tasting can guide you to the best course of action. We at Kuma only purchase balanced, sweet, and clean coffees and roast to portray these same attributes.
If that isn’t coming across in your cup, something needs to be re-dialed. 
For example, a sour-tasting espresso can tell you the coffee needs more contact time with water or if filter coffee tastes dry/bitter it might need less contact time with water which you could adjust by using a coarser grind. 
In most cases, you’ll hear coffee professionals cupping coffee and discussing acidity, sweetness, balance, and complexity. It can become a bit overwhelming at first. Remember, none of these people started tasting coffee knowing how to describe it.

It all takes time, practice, and a lot of association with flavor. 

Illustrations by Jeremiah Brown
  Hand drawn illustration of bear paw adding ground Kuma Coffee to a pour over  Hand drawn illustration of an espresso machine and it's parts
                    Pour Over                                                Espresso
 Illustration of automatic coffee pot brewing kuma coffee into a carafe   Illustration of bear paw reaching for a french press filled with coffee
           Automatic Brewer                                       French Press
   Hand drawn illustration of a bear patiently waiting for cold brew coffee to finish brewing    Bear paw pressing coffee from an aeropress into a red bear Kuma Coffee Mug
               Iced Coffee                                             Aeropress
   Bear paw brewing Kuma Coffee with a Chemex and gooseneck kettle       Hand drawn illustration of brown bear head with a friendly smile                                         Chemex                                    Tips for Better Brewing