New Biodegradable Packaging



We've been working towards this direction for a long time now, switching over all the 12oz bags to a new industrially biodegradable package. We have arrived. The details: 

This is Biotre 2.0, manufactured by Tricor Braunflex packaging. 

It is made of 100% plant based material

It is 60% compostable, similar to newspaper

It is 100% industrially biodegradable, meaning if you put it in your city compost bin, they will put it in a warm dark tank with specific microbials added that will break down the material. 


We've been striving to find the best solution for our product to make our environmental footprint as minimal as possible. A lot of carbon is reduced by using our Loring roaster, the most environmentally friendly roaster on the market, using a fraction of the gas as other roasters of it's size. And now we have this new packaging. We've been working on this sourcing for 2 years now, testing other package maker's products, trying to find the most sustainable. To date, this is the best on the market. One day we hope to arrive at a 100% compostable package that could degrade in your back yard, but so far that doesn't exist. Onwards and upwards is our goal, thanks for supporting us along the way!

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