Our First Mexican Coffee, San Mateo

Kuma is very excited to introduce our first Mexican coffee.. Ever!

Thanks to the hard working team at Red Fox Coffee Merchants, we are able to offer this coffee, San Mateo. From the San Mateo Eloxochitlan region of Oaxaca, this is the smallest lot we purchased in this year. With only nine batches available, it is very limited. Expect a cup that is easy drinking with sweet notes of dried figs and baked apples and deep notes of baking spices and cocoa. 

This special microlot is from the Cañada region of the Mexican state of Oaxaca, which has a unique microclimate with a longer cold, rainy season than other areas of the state. The longer period of lower temperatures yield denser cherries with more complex sugars producing a distinct cup profile known for strong notes of vibrant fruit. Much of the coffee in the region is grown by small producers who farm on average just 1-2 hectares of land, primarily producing coffee of the Bourbon, Typica and unique Plumas varietals. 

The state of Oaxaca has 16 distinct registered indigenous groups, many of whom have been growing coffee for generations when the crop was introduced by the Spanish conquistadors in the 18th century. For generations, families have been putting in their hard work to produce quality coffee, and now they can be rewarded above market value for their efforts. 

As a company, Red Fox Coffee Merchants leads with the goal of discovering and promoting traceable, quality coffees, from all over the world. Focusing on farm relationships and ethical supply chains, Red Fox works closely with farmers to ensure quality and transparency while paying premiums and setting prices that match increasing quality. In 2018, Red Fox opened an office and cupping lab in Oaxaca with the goal of providing opportunities to coffee producers outside of the current supply chain. 

Because many coffee farmers in the region have such small holdings of land, after harvest, cherries were often combined at the mill, losing transparency of origin and therefore lowering the price. Red Fox started working in Oaxaca with a focus on lot separation and traceability. The dedicated team at Red Fox works to cup through each individual producer's lot then building a sizable offering of only the best quality coffees. This process means farmers are able to earn a premium for their harvest and may even earn a percentage of that premium upfront. Meanwhile, Red Fox works alongside producers to help with financing and improving quality. It is a win win for all; we get to taste some delicious coffee that may not otherwise be available, and farmers are compensated for their hard work. To learn more about the work Red Fox Coffee Merchants does in Mexico, check out their blog post

This particular lot we are offering is made up of Typica and Bourbon that was grown by 30 small producers at altitudes ranging from 1400-1800 meters above sea level. Ripe cherries are fermented for 12-24 hours and then patio dried for 8-10 days. 

This offering is easy drinking so get it while it lasts!

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