Brewing Espresso With Kylie

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Accounts manager for Kuma Coffee smiling while making espresso on a La Marzocco Machine

When I first starting making coffee for a specialty roastery 7 years ago, brew ratios weren’t something that were discussed. Dialing in felt... chaotic. The perfect dial-in could be anywhere. After several shots, I’d be over-caffeinated, tasting every possibility with a line out of the cafe door. It was not efficient. 
I’m not saying you shouldn’t try everything because maybe you’ll find a different brew ratio that works best for you. I’m saying this espresso guide is a map with a short cut given to you! 

Hand drawn illustration of espresso machine with its parts portafiliter, grouphead and tamper labeled
I believe this as a standard for dialing in coffee works best because it allows you to make small adjustments and work out your espresso dial-in very easily. Pick a brew ratio, go from there and all you need to worry about is the grind setting of your espresso. I use these specifications because it offers consistency with all coffees with varying roasting profiles. With this guide, you too can reap the benefits of consistency. 

Kylie making espresso at La Marzocco Cafe in Seattle, WA wearing a summer adventures Kuma Coffee shirt

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