Kuma Coffee in light blue text on 12oz retail bag containing Momma Bear Fresh Crop blend
Details of Momma Bear Blend, a fresh crop 50/50 blend of caffeinated and decaffeinated coffee, on the side of a 12oz retail bag of Kuma Coffee
Back view of 12 oz retail bag of Momma Bear Fresh Crop Blend from Peru and Colombia with tasting notes of hot chocolate and marshmallows, roasted by Kuma Coffee in Seattle, WA
2.5lbs bulk bag of Momma Bear Fresh Crop Blend, roasted by Kuma Coffee
5lbs bulk bag of Momma Bear Fresh Crop Blend, roasted by Kuma Coffee

Momma Bear Blend 50/50 Decaf-Regular

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Are you expecting? Are you filled with anxiety at the state of things? Do you wish you could keep sipping that morning brew for longer? We’ve got a solution to your problems: the Mamma Bear Blend. From our house to yours, may all of your half caffeinated dreams come true.

This 50/50 blend of our Decaf Peru San Ignacio and Colombia La Florida regular is an easy drinking, happy cup. Sweet and comforting, with notes of hot chocolate and marshmallows, you'll be drinking this all day. 

*Note from owner Peter Mark: when my wife and I found out we were expecting our first baby, solving the coffee situation became a top priority (my wife used to head to work at 5:30am with two tall travel mugs of coffee every morning). So I started bringing home her own personal blend of 50/50 decaf and one of our Colombian lots. On weekends I started drinking it too and was really quite happy about it, it's delicious. So in times like these, we thought everybody else might get some use out of this. Please enjoy it!

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