Honduras Gerardo Trejo


Story:                This is the first of five microlots we have purchased from the 2019 harvest in Santa Barbara. San Vicente is known for procuring and processing some of the best Honduran coffees available, and we have been thrilled to have the opportunity to get ahold of these delicious coffees. When our green buyer visited Gerardo Trejo earlier this June, we were amazed at the health of all the coffee plants on the farm. All the plants were around 5 years old and were coming into their best years of production. Gerardo uses the profits from his coffee to reinvest in his farm. He’s continuing to purchase small parcels of land, building brand new solar driers and setting up a new wet mill this year. We at Kuma have committed to purchasing from Gerardo for future years and anxiously await tasting all the beautiful Pacas varietal that Gerardo grows. This year's outturn brings flavors of cherry and vanilla, clean like black tea and has a marshmallow sweetness. 

Region:             Santa Barbara

Varietal:             Pacas

Elevation:          1500-1600 Meters

Farmer:             Gerardo Trejo

Process:           Washed

Notes:               Cherry, Vanilla, Peach, Black Tea, Marshmallow

Harvest:            April/May 2019

Contents:          12oz bag. Whole Bean Coffee



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