Guatemala Hunapu



The Guatemala Hunapu is one of the most consistent coffees we purchase every year, going on 5 years now. Maybe it's the volcanic soil, or it's the careful hand picking, the elevation or the selective sorting, or a combination of them all. We can't get enough of it, we just love it. Hunapu is the native Mayan name for the Agua Volcano that looms over the Antigua highlands. Luis Pedro Zelaya Zemora purchases only 100% bourbon from small farmers who grow on 1-5 acre parcels clinging to the side of this volcano. Zelaya's mill, Bella Vista, processes only the ripest red bourbon cherries. Lots are created through combining top quality day-lots from multiple producers . This method of combing lots creates some very complex profiles. Purchasing Hunapu supports smaller farmers that otherwise don't produce enough coffee to find customers to sell to directly. It is delicious, with a focused milk chocolate sweetness, bright fruit punch undertones and a pleasing pineapple acidity. Please enjoy this fresh harvest coffee. 


Region:              Antigua

Varietal:             100% Red Bourbon

Elevation:          1500-1800 Meters

Farmer:              Small Shareholder Farmers 

Process:            Washed

Notes:               Melted Milk Chocolate, Fruit Punch, Pineapple

Harvest:             February 2019

Contents:          12oz bag. Whole Bean Coffee

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