Kuma Coffee in green ink on a 12oz bag made of kraft paper, contains Guji washed coffee from Guji, Ethiopia, grown between 2000 and 2100 meters, washed process coffee with Heirloom varietal and farmed by small producers, flavor notes of Raspberry, Black Tea, Cane Sugar and Mango, Roasted by Kuma Coffee in Seattle,WA
Ethiopia Guji
Ethiopia Guji
Ethiopia Guji
Ethiopia Guji

Ethiopia Guji

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*New Biodegradable packaging on all 12oz bags*

This is the Ethiopia Guji, our house Ethiopian coffee. Floral aromatics hit first, with big flavors of black tea and mango and a raspberry acidity. This sweetie of a coffee is easy drinking all day


Region:              Guji

Varietal:             Heirloom

Elevation:          2000-2100 MASL

Farmer:             Smallholder Producers

Process:           Washed

Notes:               Raspberry, Black Tea, Sugar, Mango

Harvest:            January 2021

Contents:          12oz/340g bag of Whole Bean Coffee 

Roast Level:      Medium Light

To learn more about our sourcing, check out our sourcing page


*HOLIDAY SCHEDULE: We will be shutting down for December 25th-January 1. All orders placed during that time will roast and ship January 3. Happy Holidays to you all!

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