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Bright Blend

Bright Blend
Bright Blend
Bright Blend

Bright Blend

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This blend was designed for those that are seeking adventure, a coffee that will keep them striving onward and upward to whatever challenges the day brings. This coffee has a flavor profile of vibrant, sweet and fruity notes, anchored in a soft pleasing acidity, like ripe raspberries. Bright is a blend of the latest Eastern African washed coffees we have in house, mostly Ethiopian and a little bit of Kenyan coffees. This is a staff favorite, the one we usually bring home on the weekends to accompany us on our escapades. 


Prep:           FOR USE AS ESPRESSO OR FILTER. Our recommended starting point for espresso extraction is 18 grams in, 42 grams out in 27-30 seconds. For filter, start with a 1:15 ratio coffee to water (filtered, delicious water), 3+ minute brew time, minimal agitation. Adjust to your preference. 

Current Components:      Ethiopia Idido #2 washed coffee

Notes:                                Berries, Florals, Citrus, Tropical

Harvest:                             January 2024

Contents:                           12oz bag. Whole Bean Coffee

Roast Level:                       Medium Light


To learn more about our sourcing, check out our sourcing page


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