Peru San Ignacio Decaf
Peru San Ignacio Decaf
Peru San Ignacio Decaf

Peru San Ignacio Decaf

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Decaf drinkers are a maligned bunch, always an afterthought at parties. "Oh I think there's some old preground decaf in the pantry from when the in laws were last here" is what they get. But no more! We are here to make decaf delicious again. Sourcing fresh crop coffees that have been decaffeinated as recently as possible, that is our secret to offering top tier decaf coffees. We cup through a lineup of these coffees, and select the best one, just like we do regular coffees. 

Avoid the caffeine jitters with this Peruvian coffee, grown by the Aprocassi Cooperative, a group of 72 women who work tirelessly to produce delicious coffee and continue their mission of creating career opportunities and access to financial education for women in their community. Purchased and shipped directly to us by the fine folks at Swiss Water Process and packaged in Grain Pro for extended enjoyment. We are proud to offer one of the finest decaf programs out there. Or, if you are looking for just a splash of caffeine, try our delicious new Momma Bear Blend!

Region:           San Ignacio

Varietals:         Caturra, Catimor, Typica, Bourbon, Paches

Elevation:        1300 Meters

Farmer:            Aprocassi Cooperative

Process:          Washed

Notes:             Orange Zest, Praline, Wildflower Honey, Figs

Harvest:          Summer 2019

Contents:        12oz of whole bean coffee

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