Kenya Kiawamururu **NEW**


Story:            Our second Kenyan coffee release of the 2018 harvest is Kiawamururu. Simply put, Kiawamururu is that coffee that reminds you of the reason why you feel in love with specialty coffee. Its a structured and complete coffee in every sense of the word. It also happens to be Mark's favorite Kenyan arrival lot. Kiawamururu has beautiful tannins similar to a fine Kenyan black tea. The Pink Grapefruit is tastes like candy gummy bites. The Meyer lemon flavor within the coffee is like that of a cane sugar sweet hard candy. The entire cup is very transparent, sweet, complex, harmonious and the finish lingers for days.

Region:         Nyeri

Varietal:         SL28 & SL34 AA

Elevation:      1700-1800 Meters

Farmer:         Small Producers

Process:        Washed

Notes:            Pink Grapefruit, Black Tea, Lemon Drop Candy

Harvest:         January 2018

Contents:      12oz bag. Whole Bean Coffee

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