Kenya Kainamui Peaberry
Kenya Kainamui Peaberry
Kenya Kainamui Peaberry

Kenya Kainamui Peaberry

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Region:                Kirinyaga

Varietal:               SL28 & SL34 Peaberry

Elevation:            1750 Masl  

Farmer:                Ngariama Society

Process:              Washed

Notes:                  Rum Raisin, Mandarin Orange, Apricot

Harvest:              January 2023

Contents:           12oz bag. Whole Bean Coffee


It's been a few harvests since we've had Kainamui on the single origin menu, and the first it's been the peaberry version. We brought in several peaberry lots from Dorman's this year, when they blind cup top of the table, sometimes this happens. 

Decadent, bright and crisp, another dessert coffee right here. We taste rum raisin with a mandarin orange acidity and overall aromas of apricot. If you got a chance to try the last Kenya peaberry from Gachatha, you'll see what the Kenyans are bringing this year. These are remarkable coffees, we are grateful for their work!



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