Kuma Coffee written in purple text on a 12oz bag of Gachatha, washed Kenyan coffee
The words honestly sourced written in purple text on the side of a 12oz bag of Kenyan Gachatha. Notes of Red currant, tamarind and cashew butter are listed
Back of a 12oz bag of Gachatha, washed Kenyan coffee from the Nyeri region. Grown between 1700 and 1800 meters and made of the SL28a and SL 34 AB varietals
2.5lb bag of Gachatha, washed Kenyan coffee, roasted by Kuma Coffee in Seattle,WA
Kenya Gachatha *NEW*

Kenya Gachatha *NEW*

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Region:                Nyeri

Varietal:               SL28 & SL34 AB

Elevation:            1700-1800 Meters  

Farmer:               Gachatha Society

Process:              Washed

Notes:                 Red Currant, Tamarind, Cashew Butter

Harvest:             January 2021

Contents:           12oz bag. Whole Bean Coffee


   Coffees like this is why we hold Kenyan coffees as the flagship origin for Kuma. Our fifth year bringing this one in, it stood head and shoulders above a sea of countless other Kenyans on our cupping table, selected this past February at Dorman's Coffee.  This coffee was vacuum packed at origin and shipped in the strictest provenance.

The result is a rich, juicy cup. Big currant aromatics at first impression, with an almost tamarind savory acidity. Decadent mouthfeel and finish like rich cashew butter. Sometimes Kenyan coffees are high acidity bright fruits, and sometimes like this Gachatha they are like a bottomless pot of fruit stew. Please enjoy!



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