Guatemala Buena Vista


Welcome to our Guatemalan coffees of 2019. Our first release is this Kuma classic, Buena Vista. This is our fourth year purchasing lots from this farm. It consistently scores amongst the top of the table every year at Bella Vista mill in Antigua. This farm has steep hills planted with coffee up past 1800 meters, and can only be accessed by 4-wheel drive ATV's. The view from the top of the farm gives a glorious panorama of Antigua City below. This coffee is so marshmallowy sweet throughout the cup, with a tea-like body and soft grapefruit acidity. Please enjoy this fresh arrival!

Region:              Antigua

Varietal:             Bourbon, Caturra

Elevation:          1800 Meters

Farmer:              Luis Pedro Zelaya Zemora

Process:            Washed

Notes:                Sugared Grapefruit, Marshmallow, Rooibos

Harvest:             February 2019

Contents:          12oz bag. Whole Bean Coffee



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