Ethiopia Wuri



   If you look at some of our favorite coffees of all times over the past ten years many of them have come from Yirgacheffe. If you drill down a little further you'll see that many of those are from the Gedeb region of Yirgacheffe. Wuri is another example of this beautiful profile we love. This coffee has beautiful body and sweetness. The fruits within it lend itself to ripe raspberry and guava, sugary vanilla and peaches. But our favorite piece is the beautiful rose petal like florals in the aroma that truly make Gedeb area coffees beautiful and celebrated.

Region:          Worka, Gedeb

Varietal:          Heirloom

Elevation:       2100 Meters

Farmer:          Small Producers

Process:         Washed

Notes:            Raspberry, Guava, Rose, Vanilla

Harvest:         January 2019

Contents:       12oz bag. Whole Bean Coffee

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