Ethiopia Jemjemo Natural
Ethiopia Jemjemo Natural
Ethiopia Jemjemo Natural

Ethiopia Jemjemo Natural

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Region:         Wenago Gedeo Zone

Varietal:        Heirloom

Elevation:     1600-1800 Masl

Farmer:         Wolde Hirbe

Process:       Natural

Notes:          Mango, Peach Preserves, Pink Starburst

Harvest:       January 2023

Roast:           Medium Light

Oh how we've been waiting for this one. 

We've been trying to lock down a stellar Eth Natural for months now, cupping through endless samples. Finally high quality coffees started landing and we are getting a chance to assess. We've found several excellent natural coffees for the menu this season, the first is Jemjemo. 

Sourced via Royal Coffee, this was the most expensive lot of the naturals we cupped this season.

Wolde Hirbe is a member of his local coop, but his harvest was separated out for it's excellence and sold as a single lot this season. Wolde has been farming for 30 years on his 10 hectare coffee farm. Raised beds, ripe cherry selection, he knows how to do it. 

This lot is so sparklingly vibrant and full fruited. Mango, Peach Preserves, zippy and aromatic like Pink Starburst. These coffees sell themselves, we are just very excited to have this lot in :)


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