Ethiopia Nansebo *NEW*


Story:                  The Nansebo washing station is producer's coffee rarely seen in North America. This coffee is normally gobbled up by European and Australian roasters who purchase this coffee perennially. And we have gotten ahold of it two years in a row. We love how vibrant and sweet this coffee is, think ripe red berries all day. It is a rich, jammy fruit and chocolate cup of coffee. It out cupped dozens of Ethiopian samples this season, and we are very excited to share it with you! 


Region:                Sidamo

Varietal:               Heirloom

Elevation:            1800-2000 Meters

Farmer:                Small Producers

Process:              Washed

Notes:                  Red Currant, Raspberry, Dark Chocolate

Harvest:               January 2016

Package:             12oz, whole bean

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