Ethiopia Kayon Mountain Natural


This coffee is like a cup of fruit juice, freshly squeezed. Naturally processed, Grade 1 heirloom coffee from the Kayon Mountain estate in the Guji Zone of Ethiopia's Oromia Region. It is a 240 hectare plot, fertilized and grown organically by owner Ato Esmael. The coffee cherries are picked ripe, washed and sorted in water channels to separate by density, and spread to dry on raised beds for 12-20 days. Vibrant notes of strawberry and passionfruit present in the aromatics and on the palate, with deep sweetness in the hue of rich raw honey and a candy bar finish.

This is dessert in the form of coffee. And you get to drink it any time you want! 


Region:       Guji, Oromia

Varietal:       Heirloom

Elevation:    2000 Meters

Farmer:       Ato Esmael 

Process:      Natural

Notes:          Strawberry, Raw Honey, Passionfruit, Milky Way

Harvest:       January 2019

Contents:     12oz bag. Whole Bean Coffee

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