Kuma Coffee in green text on 12oz retail bag containing Ethiopian Butucha coffee
Flavor notes of raspberry compote, lemon verbena and shortbread displayed on side of 12oz retail bag of Ethiopian Butucha coffee roasted by Kuma Coffee
12 oz retail bag of Butucha coffee from Gedeb, Ethiopia, grown at 1950-2100 meters, washed process, roasted by Kuma Coffee in Seattle, WA
5 lbs bulk bag of Butucha Ethiopian coffee, roasted by Kuma Coffee
2.5lbs bulk bag of Butucha Ethiopian coffee, roasted by Kuma Coffee

Ethiopia Butucha

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"Coffee is life. I cannot live without coffee" So says Alemayehu Tilahun, the owner of the Butucha washing station in Gedeb. We wholeheartedly agree. Depending on the season, between 1950-2000 small holder farmers bring ripened cherry to be processed at Butucha. Cherries get depulped and fermented for 36 to 48 hours, washed with water from the nearby Moto river, and shade dried until the moisture has stabilized. The product of this hard work is a vibrant, sweetheart of a coffee. Rich notes of raspberry pastry dominate the cup, with a floral lemon verbena acidity to complement, rounding out with a sugary shortbread mouthfeel and finish. Please enjoy this coffee

Region:              Gedeb

Varietal:             Mixed Heirloom

Elevation:          1945-2100 MASL

Farmer:             1500 Smallholder Producers

Process:           Washed

Notes:               Raspberry Compote, Lemon Verbena, Shortbread

Harvest:            January 2019

Contents:          12oz/340g bag of Whole Bean Coffee


About sourcing in Ethiopia: 


We have been sourcing the majority of our Ethiopian coffees through Trabocca coffee importers for a number of years now. They visit coops and washing stations through out Yirgacheffe, from classic washing stations like Worka, Reko and Sakaro in the south, to the Adado coops of the north.  We are communicating with their green buyers during the harvest, milling and are ready to cup. Cupping individual day lot out turns from these washing stations allows them to select only the most pristine lots. Our long standing relationship has allowed us to get access to some of the most top tier washed coffees out of the Yirgacheffe region, and get them shipped directly to our roastery in Seattle. We paid $3.87/lb FOB for this green coffee. 

When we selected our lineup of washed Ethiopian coffees for the 2019-2020 season, we kept a keen eye on which coffees had the most stability, in terms of water activity and moisture content. This lot had the most stable analytics of the washed Ethiopians, so we saved it for last. 


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