Ecuador Gustavo Landivar *NEW LIMITED OFFERING*


Top tier Ecuadorian coffees are few and far between. And they are expensive, due in part to a limited supply and a high demand, but also because of the cost of labor. Ecuador is one of the few countries we purchase from that has a high standard for farm workers. Paid time off, contributions to health care and social security are required by law for all workers. While these are things we take for granted in the States, it is a rarity in coffee producing countries. More financial security, better working conditions and healthcare for farm workers, isn't this something we want to see more of in the world? Luckily, we think what we taste in the cup makes the decision easy. 

We've purchased from the Pichincha region of Ecuador in the past, this is our first foray offering a coffee from Santa Isabel. This 100% typica coffee cupped top of the table, and we purchased the entire lot available to us. Sweet tea, mandarine orange and praline candy dominate the cup, with a hibiscus florality in the aromatics. This coffee is a true delight, please enjoy. 


*This is a limited offering. It is a very small lot, we hope to have it available for only a few weeks*


Region:           Santa Isabel, Azuay

Varietal:          100% Typica

Elevation:       1700 Meters

Farmer:           Gustavo Landivar

Process:         Washed

Notes:             Mandarin Orange, Praline, Sweet Tea, Hibiscus

Harvest:          August 2018

Package:        12oz whole bean coffee

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