DR Congo Nguvu *NEW*
DR Congo Nguvu *NEW*
DR Congo Nguvu *NEW*

DR Congo Nguvu *NEW*

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Region:                        North Kivu

Varietal:                       Bourbon

Elevation:                    1800 Meters

Washing Station:        Nguvu Coop

Process:                      Washed

Notes:                          Pineapple, Musk Melon, Green Apple 

Harvest:                      October 2021

Contents:                   12oz bag. Whole Bean Coffee

Roast:                         Medium-Light


We have never had a coffee in our lineup from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, honestly seeing coffees from there make it to the States is pretty uncommon. Mighty Peace Coffee is making that happen. They are connecting Congolese coffee farmers with US roasters, we've been sampling their coffees the last few years and this year we found the perfect coffee to join the Kuma lineup. 

Mighty Peace's commitment is entirely to the farmers, paying $2.95/lb green to the farmers, farmers whose access to selling their crop prior was to brokers and smugglers from Uganda below market prices. 

Our first cupping of the Nguvu had me thinking it was a Kenyan coffee. All origins have distinct terroir but perhaps most of all is the growing regions of Africa. An Ethiopian or Kenyan coffee is unmistakable, but here is Congolese coffee with a fresh flavor profile brimming with fruit.  Pineapple, melon and green apple notes with a round and balanced mouthfeel and finish. Super proud to have this coffee in the lineup for a short time

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