Kenya Kainamui


Story:            This past January we has a week long trip to Kenya to find the best lots from one of our favorite growing regions. After an intense week of cupping over 300 lots we settled on the top 14 we tasted and booked them on the spot. The Kainamui was one of these super shiny specimens. The sweetness of this coffee is like cherry candy push up pops. The acidity is like a taking a wedge out of a fresh cut ruby red grapefruit. The juiciness of Kainamui reminds me of freshly pressed pineapple juice. This coffee is the real deal folks and we will be savoring every sip of it we can! This coffee would also be an amazing iced coffee for summer.

Region:         Kirinyaga

Varietal:         SL28 & SL34 AA

Elevation:      1750 Meters

Farmer:         Ngariama Society

Process:        Washed

Notes:            Ruby Red Grapefruit, Pineapple, Cherry Candy

Harvest:         January 2017

Contents:      12oz bag. Whole Bean Coffee

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