Colombia La Florida *NEW*
Colombia La Florida *NEW*
Colombia La Florida *NEW*
Colombia La Florida *NEW*
Colombia La Florida *NEW*

Colombia La Florida *NEW*

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Region:              La Florida, Narino

Varietal:             Caturra, Castillo

Elevation:          1950 Meters

Farmer:              Small Shareholder Farmers 

Process:            Washed

Notes:                Candied Orange Peel, Golden Raisin, Sweet Cream 

Harvest:             June 2021

Contents:           12oz bag. Whole Bean Coffee

Roast Level:       Medium Light


Welcome to Colombian coffee season 2022! We are starting with a coffee so sweet, a true example of how delicious Narino coffees can be.

This coffee was sourced with Azahar Coffee in the hills of La Florida municipality. Here a small selection of farmers blend together their harvests to form this municipality blend.

Sweet and structured, the aromatics and first sip hit with candied orange peel, generous golden raisin structure and a rich sweet cream body and finish. 

We've often found these nano-blends score higher in cupping than their individual parts. This lot was cherry picked ripe, traditionally fermented for 12hrs and patio dried for 12 days. The high elevation and attention to detail at every step of the way has yielded a stunning coffee, easy to drink and share. Enjoy!


To learn more about our sourcing, check out our sourcing page



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