Colombia La Palma **NEW**



Story: We are into our last few microlots from the 2016 August harvest in Colombia, and the Finca La Palma is a real sweetheart of an easy drinker. We try to balance our purchasing of Colombian coffees between the tropical fruit cups, and the cream & sugar profiles, and the La Palma is very much the latter. Grown high in the mountains of Nariño, La Palma is a classic Colombian blend of both castillo and caturra varietals. Maple sugar sweetness, viscous creamy mouthfeel, with a touch of citrus and pear make this coffee one for all day drinking. It's the kind of coffee you can bring home and introduce to your folks, we promise it'll warm your mom's heart. 


Region: Narino

Varietal: Caturra, Castillo

Elevation: 2000 Meters

Farmer: Laureano Legarda

Process: Washed

Notes: Sweet Cream, Orange, Maple Syrup, Pear

Harvest: August 2016

Package: 12oz whole bean coffe

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