Colombia Consaca *New*
Colombia Consaca *New*
Colombia Consaca *New*

Colombia Consaca *New*

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Consaca is our first offering from Nariño of the year! We brought in 6 lots, 2 of them municipality lots and 4 single estates. Each of these coffees were the highest scoring of their peers across the harvest of multiple sites across this subregion of Colombia. 

This is our third year purchasing Consaca in total, though we weren't able to get our hands on it the last couple of years. Working with Azahar Coffee and Bend Coffee, we were able to bring this coffee in at its finest provenance and peak vibrancy. 

Flavors of chocolate covered cherries, acidity of nectarine and a full nutty body like pistachio make the Colombia Consaca a joy of a cup. Enjoy this bounty of Nariño! 


Region:              Nariño

Varietal:             Castillo, Colombia

Elevation:          1850 Masl

Farm:                 Municipality blend

Process:            Washed

Notes:                Chocolate Covered Cherries, Nectarine, Pistachio

Harvest:            August 2022

Roast Level:     Medium Light

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