Colombia Consaca


Sometimes micro blends can be greater than the sum of it's parts. Repeatedly we've hit cups on the table at origin that really wow us, to find out that is was actually a blended lot from a municipality. This particular blend from Consacá is just that. Fermented for 10 hours, dried on patios and raised beds for 12 days, this coffee is easy and delicious. Aromatics of strawberry and baking spices introduce a sweet cup, reminding us of Almond Joy candy bars. The sweetness is bolstered by a vibrant lime acidity, making for a very symmetrical cup. Please enjoy


Region:           Narinõ

Varietal:          Castillo, Colombia

Elevation:       1800-2000 Meters

Farmer:           Smallholder Producers

Process:         Washed

Notes:             Strawberry, Baking Spices, Almond Joy, Lime

Harvest:          July 2018

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