Colombia La Joya


Colombian season has arrived!  We are back with this lot from Yermi Pedras Arias, our second year purchasing his coffee. And we are happy to say that is an absolute banger.

From his farm La Joya, Yermi grows his crop at 2000 meters, separated by varietal, all under a canopy of tropical trees. Harvested during a cooler part of June, this lot fermented for 18 hours and was dried on multi-tiered mesh beds for 10 days. This 100% Colombia lot unanimously scored highly at origin and came in pristine provenance. Sweet passionfruit throughout, like a cup of chocolate milk, with a hint of strawberries to finish. This is a brilliant example of why we return to Nariño coffees year after year. Enjoy this fresh cup!


Region:             Chachagui

Varietal:             Caturra

Elevation:          2000 Meters

Farmer:             Yermi Neyl Pedraza Arias

Process:           Washed

Notes:               Passionfruit, Chocolate Milk, Strawberries 

Harvest:            June 2019

Contents:          12oz/340g bag of Whole Bean Coffee

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