*NEW* Ethiopia Guji Natural


Story:  We nearly gave up on naturals here at Kuma, until the Misty Valley came back into our lives. In our experience, naturally processed coffees can be hit or miss. This Guji is a bullseye. We were cupping through a series of late arrival Ethiopian coffees from Royal Importers and it was like lightning struck the cupping table. This coffee tastes like Red Starburst candy. Clean notes of cherry and blackberry, syrupy sweet like honeycomb, and rounded out a tropical kiwi finish. This coffee was exported by Girma Edema of Guji Coffee Export PLC, this lot is sourced from the 1500 members of the Gerbicho Rogicha Association, each harvesting from 5 hectare plots.


Region:       Bule Hora District 

Varietal:       Heirloom

Elevation:    1750-1950 Meters

Farmer:        Gerbicho Rogicha Association

Process:      Natural

Notes:          Red Starburst, Honeycomb, Blackberry, Kiwi

Harvest:       January 2018

Contents:     12oz bag. Whole Bean Coffee

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