Fresh Crop Blend - Balanced


Story:       No smoke and mirrors here. Only the freshest, in-season coffees purposefully and thoughtfully picked. Fresh Crop is a blend for those who want complexity, consistency and quality in the cup, and we are going with the designations Bright and Balanced. The coffees will change with the seasons, but the flavor profile of caramel, chocolate and stone fruit  attributes will never waver. Fresh Crop Balanced will be a mixing of our latest Central Americans and South Americans.


Prep:           FOR USE AS ESPRESSO OR FILTER. Our recommended starting point for espresso extraction is 18 grams in, 42 grams out in 27-30 seconds. For filter, start with a 1:15 ratio coffee to water (filtered, delicious water), 3+ minute brew time, minimal agitation. Adjust to your preference. 

Current Components:        50% Honduras Proyecto Cabana/50% Colombia La Florida

Notes:          Caramel, Chocolate, Stonefruit, Honey

Roast:          City+ (light-medium)

Harvest:       Summer 2018

Package:     12oz whole bean coffee



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