Ethiopia Worka
Ethiopia Worka
Ethiopia Worka
Ethiopia Worka
Ethiopia Worka

Ethiopia Worka

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Region:              Gedeo Zone

Varietal:             Kurume, Dega

Elevation:          1900-2100 Meters

Farmer:              Gizaw Alemayehu Yirdaw

Process:            Washed

Notes:               Dried Mango, Rooibos Tea, Huckleberries

Harvest:            January 2021

Contents:          12oz/340g bag of Whole Bean Coffee

Roast:                Medium Light 


Worka washing station in the heart of Yirgacheffe, specifically the Gedeo Zone, is on the frontier of high end washed coffees coming out of the region. 

Mill owner Gizaw Alemayehu Yirdaw is the latest in a long line of coffee growers and processors, but he's bringing modern concepts to processing at this mill. For one, this lot is separated varietals of Kurume and Dega, as opposed to most lots that are blended heirloom varietals not tracked. He also uses fresh spring water to wash all coffees, and raised beds that are covered with shades to ensure even drying during the hot season. 

This lot is as rich as it is dynamic. Big notes of dried mango in the cup, classic tea flavors that make coffees from this region as famous as it is, but more rooibos red tea than traditional black tea. And a huckleberry fruitiness rounds out the cup, clean and sweet. In a year where washed Ethiopian coffees are far delayed and the future is unclear on their next availability, we are very honored to have Gizaw's product in house and roasting in our lineup. Enjoy!



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