Ethiopia Sakaro


Story:             If you look at some of our favorite coffees of all times over the past ten years many of them have come from Yirgacheffe. If you drill down a little further you'll see that many of those are from the Gedeb region of Yirgacheffe. The Sakaro is a perfect example of what we look for in a Yirgacheffe coffee. It's backbone reminds us of a fine black tea. On top of that add fresh red currants, juicy, ripe raspberries and a squeeze of lime. Then intermix floral components such as the dried citrus zest of the bergamot fruit. This is a very bright, juicy, complex coffee that we are head over heels for. We hope you will be too.

Region:          Worka, Gedeb

Varietal:          Heirloom

Elevation:       1900-2100 Meters

Farmer:          Small Producers

Process:         Washed

Notes:            Red Currant, Raspberry, Black Tea, Bergamot

Harvest:         January 2018

Contents:       12oz bag. Whole Bean Coffee

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