Ethiopia Guracho *New*
Ethiopia Guracho *New*
Ethiopia Guracho *New*

Ethiopia Guracho *New*

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Region:              Kercha District, Guji Zone

Farmers:            2300 Small Producers

Elevation:          1900-2100 Meters

Process:            Washed

Notes:                Peaches, Whipped Cream, Guava Punch

Harvest:             2022

Roast:                Medium/Light


As more and more small lots are being separated and making it to exporters with traceability, we are gaining access to some incredible microregion specific coffees. This lot comes from Sibu Coffee Exporters and Atlas Coffee Importers. Sibu built this Guracho mill and now collects cherry from 2300 small lot coffee growers in the surrounding region. They've also built a school near the station that many of the farmer's children attend. 

This coffee is delightful. Juicy peaches and a decadent whipped cream mouthfeel and sweetness, bringing some tropical notes to the fore as well like guava punch. We cupped alot of washed Ethiopian coffees this season, this was a clear favorite on the table. It's a smaller parcel that we got ahold of, so please enjoy it while it lasts. 


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