Subscription Service March 01 2012

Our subscription services are a great way to get insider access to our best coffees.

Our Roasters Choice Subscription Service automatically sends our customers the best coffee that we've been tasting lately on the cupping table. Please take a look at some of the special coffees coming up that will be sent out to subscribers.

March 1- Ethiopia Yirgacheffe

March 15- Kenya Gethumbwini

April 1- Burundi Gacokwe

April 15- Sumatra Tano Batak

Our new Espresso Subscription sends our customers the best espresso blends, seasonal espressos and single origin espressos being pulled.

March 1- Red Bear Espresso

March 15- Seasonal Espresso - Concepcion Chuito

April 1- Single Origin Espresso Burundi Gacokwe

April 15- Red Bear Espresso