New Website December 06 2011

If things look a little different to you, but kind of the same, good on you for noticing. We've made some recent improvements to the website to improve your experience. Here's a list of some of the changes that have been made.

  • The shopping cart no longer requires a "google account." You can checkout as a guest and have the choice of creating an account or checking out as a guest. 
  • It's way easier for me to update offerings. New coffees and products can be posted easily.
  • New pictures of Kuma Coffee adventures can be easily added to the slideshow on the homepage.
  • The shopping cart is available on all pages and available from the home screen. 
  • Lots more pretty pictures

There's many more features available that we will look to take advantage of. We hope that this transformation gives all of our customers more of an insight into who we are.