Guatemala El Bosque


Head straight north from Antigua and you'll start slowly winding up hillsides and higher in elevation until you enter the region of Chimaltenango. We had the privilege of buying our first ever lot from Miriam Villanueva and her family this past February. Most of the farm was planted with bourbon and dwarf bourbon (villa sarchi) varietals, but a secret stash of 3-year-old geisha trees were planted discretely among the bourbon. We love this coffee for its creamy body and rich flavors thats akin to root beer and a low toned acidity that reminds us on purply grape candy. Please enjoy our sixth and final direct trade Guatemalan coffee of 2016!

Region:            Chimaltenango

Varietal:            100% Bourbon

Elevation:         1650-1800 Meters

Farmer:             Miriam Villanueva

Process:           Washed

Notes:               Candy Grape, Root Beer, Cherry, Banana, Cream

Harvest:            February 2016

Contents:          12oz bag. Whole Bean Coffee

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