Ethiopia Wenago Natural **NEW**


Story:             If you follow Kuma closely you know that we don't offer too many naturally processed coffees. The best naturals can be sweet, intensely fruited, floral and take on many flavors of fruit that aren't often found in their washed counterparts. But most importantly, great natural coffees should taste as clean and transparent as washed coffees do. The Wenago is a shining example of the type of naturally processed coffees we love and admire and want to share with you. The flavor profile of this coffee is like ripe wild strawberries, the syrupy sweet body is akin to ripe cantaloupe melon and mangos. Is your mouth watering yet?

Region:          Yirgacheffe

Varietal:          Heirloom

Elevation:       1800-2000 Meters

Farmer:          Small Producers

Process:         Natural

Notes:            Wild Strawberry, Mango, Melon, Red Licorice

Harvest:         January 2016

Contents:       12oz bag. Whole Bean Coffee