Colombia La Palmera **NEW**


Story:             La Palmera is a new coffee for us this year by producer Flavio Ortega. We discovered this coffee back in August 2016 while cupping through hundreds of small producer microlots. The Palmera lit our taste buds on fire with is luxuriously creamy body, its exotic banana and lime flavors that reminded us of having a tropical mixed drink. We love these super high grown Narino coffees and they've come to be a staple of our November-May lineup. There's only 600lbs of this beauty so don't dilly dally. 

Region:           Narino

Varietal:          Castillo, Colombia

Elevation:       1900 Meters

Farmer:           Flavio Ortega 

Process:         Washed

Notes:             Fresh Cream, Banana, Green Grape, Lime

Harvest:          July 2016

Package:        12oz whole bean coffee

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