Colombia Francy Torres **NEW**


Story:             Francy Torres grows the rare varietal Tabi on her farm La Orquidea in the municipality of Palestina, Huila. This 8 bag microlot was produced by applying a 26 hour fermentation time to the coffee before being washed, then dried in parabolic dryers for approximately 20 days. We are fond of the lush, sweet body on this coffee and the juicy rich fruit that reminds us of peaches, cranberries and fruit punch. Try this rare and unique 100% Tabi varietal coffee before its gone!

Region:           Huila

Varietal:          Tabi

Elevation:       1750-1800 Meters

Farmer:           Francy Torres

Process:         Washed

Notes:             Chocolate, Marzipan, Fruit Punch, Banana 

Harvest:          June 2016

Package:        12oz whole bean coffee

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